The day of the carrier pigeon is long behind us, technology has moved on and a new flock of trained animals are here to deliver your letters and parcels. At We Deliver we provide a cost effective and green solution to postage and delivery.

Follow the simple steps below. Once complete we will arrange to collect your parcel within 24hrs.

Click the type of parcel you would like to send below. NOTE: We can not accept transportation of any food items due to the nature of our service, i.e your package is likely to be eaten rather than delivered and we will not be held responsible for this.

Choose the delivery method. Please note that depending on which animal you choose delivery times and price will fluctuate.

  • Standard Crow
  • Golden Eagle
  • Mountain Goat
  • Camel
  • European Deer
  • Ostrich
  • African Elephant
  • Woolly mammoth
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Estimated delivery time

Delivery within Europe: weeks
International delivery: weeks